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About HANYA Group

HANYA Group foucs on wood veneer based products. Our factory Jishan Jiushun Wooden Industry Co., Ltd specialize in production and sales of dyed veneer, smoked veneer, and natural veneer. We have obtained FSC certificate, and ISO9001, ISO14001, SGS Color Fastness and 28 national patents:

1. Invention of dyeing technology and dyeing equipment for wood veneer and wood blocks obtained national invention patent.

2. Whitening technology obtained national utility models patent.

3. Invention of wood veneer smoking device, and method for smoking veneer obtained national invention patent.

4. Wood veneer dyeing wastewater treatment system, new dyeing equipment, and new fuel mixing device, insure our company's environment protection policy. And we obtained utility models patent.

Wood Veneer:

Reconstitued Wood Veneer: 

We use two different wood species as raw material of reconstituted wood veneer: ayous and basswood. 

It is defect free and consistent in color and grain, ideal for interior applications.

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Dyed Wood Veneer: 

Dyed wood veneer makes natural veneer to be uniform color. It's very popular because of variety of color.


Veneer Plywood: 

Face and back can be any dyed veneer, reconstituted wood veneer or natural veneer. We can also make melamine plywood or UV-finished decorative plywood.

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High-pressure Laminates: 

Deorative High pressure laminate (HPL) is manufactured by layers of kraft papers and decorative paper. Impregnate kraft papers and decorative paper with phenolic and melamine resin, press by steel plate under high temperature and high pressure.

It has rich colors and special physical properties, and can be widely used for interior decoration, toilet partition, furniture, cabinets and laboratory table.

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Core to our philosophy: 

Quality: High quality allow us to establish a long term partnership with our customers, and  hold a position in this field.

We know wood, and we love wood. Create Quality Interiors with HANYA Group. You win, we win. 

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Office: 9th Floor, CBC 1, Nanyuan Street,
Hangzhou Zhejiang Province 311100
Factory: No. 285 Xingxian Road Tianling Town,
Jiashan Zhejiang Province 314109

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